24 Mart 2016 Perşembe

// Ruh Dolu Kayıklar, Su ve Düşler ! - Boats filled with Soul, Water and Dreams !

“Boats Filled With Soul, Water and Dreams!”

According to the report prepared in September 2013 by the United Nations, four and a half million people are deprived of their homes, while three million people are in immigrant status. We are faced with the most prominent immigrant crisis ever experienced and suffered in history. This crisis is bringing forth several problems of socio-cultural character extending over a wide range of territory from the Middle East to the heart of Europe (such as socio-economic as well as cultural integration problems that the immigrants are forced to encounter both in the course of migration process and in the geographical territories they are seeking refuge at). Whereas the Western states facing problems in coping with all of the aforesaid problems, are introducing from one day to the next, tough and strict practices towards the refugees. Such an extensive and massive problem is necessarily and sometimes inadvertently attracting journalists, sociologists, artists, aid organizations, as well as major humanistic charity organizations worldwide; new ones are incessantly added to the newsreels, documentaries, exhibitions and aid campaigns. The attraction and tendency generated by the current and inclusive character of the phenomenon and its accompanying tragedy is ever expanding at a global scale.

Likewise, as an artist Fırat Engin is expressing that he is attracted by such a force over the foregoing emotional motivations, and he has thereupon decided to work on this matter. In the course of the trips he has made to the shores of the Aegean Sea to carry out investigations about this issue, he is narrating that the virtuous approach of these people fleeing war and from killing one another is remarkable and admirable as and when they decide to migrate for the sake of sanctity of life. The Artist taking momentary notes of his observations, including what he has seen and heard throughout the course of his field work, is pointing out that he has resolved to convert into his own inner adventure such particulars acquired through media and accumulation of his own experiences, following a period of infusion in mental sense. This decision is originating particularly from over the symbol of “sea”, shores extending along the coastline, coves, boats, waves and fishermen; teas sipped, stories told, households visited, imbued with the lyrical impact created by the personal sensations of the artist in response thereto.

Over this lyrical influence, traces left by the Immigrants on this coast of the Aegean, their struggles for transition to the Greek Islands via sea, and over the parallel reading theme set up by the artist with Gaston Bachelard’s book titled “Water and Dreams”, they are depicted in an abstract and cinematographic language, and commencing to enter into a phase of metamorphosis. In this metamorphosed reality, works produced by making use of techniques like video, photography and neon, are attaining references over such literary specimen attempted by Bachelard to analyze in terms of the imagery of substance.

Exhibition titled “Boats Filled With Soul, Water and Dreams!” conspicuous to the effect that it is introducing a diversified viewpoint and reading perspective to the subject matter quite frequently handled from different aspects and eyes up to the present day is at disposal of the audience at Meclis-i Mebusan Number 25 between April 5th and April 30th, 2016.

Date of Opening: 05.04.2016
Time: 18:00 Hours
Address: Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi No: 25, Tophane, Istanbul
Visiting Hours: 05.04.2016 – 30.04.2016
(Except Sundays, Daily between 11:00 and 17:00 Hours)